International Descent of Sella

The Sella is held the first Saturday in August after day 2 of the month between Arriondas and Ribadesella with a distance of 15 km along the river Sella.

Participants may be Spanish and foreign paddlers who are in possession of the license competition year old with a minimum of 60 days.

Check out is at 12, being the same as "Sella type ', ie with the participants and their boats out of the water in assigned positions. The blades of the participants are then locked inside a metal structure that releases at the time the light changes from red to green, and following verses he composed Dionisio de la Huerta.

The arrival is placed under the bridge Ribadesella

Around the descent of the Sella has been held the "Festival of Canoes", declared of International Tourist Interest party on Friday night and Saturday night Arriondas Ribadesella. These two cities are taken by campers and visitors from all over Spain and even abroad and their centers are cut off to traffic and taken by streams of people.

FEVE puts that day available to fans the 'River Train "that takes a starting Arriondas journey parallel to the river where the race takes place with stops at various points to be able to go down to look closely at the race.

With the arrival of a special train Fluvial parade Arriondas festooned with folkloric groups and vehicles starts. Just before the time of departure, Tones Asturias, my dear motherland River and then the train car and the caravan follows the descent of the river banks.

Served a typical Asturian food in the Fields of Oba (Llovio) composed of "fabes" and "arroz con leche" After the arrival, and the awards ceremony is performed.

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