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Celebrations of the Virgin of Guía- July

Chapel of Guía.  Ninth-religious

Although the patron of the town is the Magdalena, has greater prominence Guia Virgin, patron saint of sailors. Held in early July and is organized by the fishermen. In the nine days before being held in the chapel of Guide, a religious novena and the eve of the feast of the Virgin fishermen down the slope of Mount Corveru flying between explosions, pealing bell and wailing siren from the fish market. Next day shipping is carried in procession, evoking ancient rites of worship of the sea.

Llanes, fishing village and monumental.

Cubes of Memory

The village of Llanes, fishing village and monumental, has many attractions. Highlights include the old town, declared a historic-artistic; port, where the work of the "Cubes of Memory", created by Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola found; the houses of Indians, walks like promenade of San Pedro or the path of the river and beaches Carroceu Toró, Torimbia and Gulpiyuri latter considered one of the 10 most unique beaches in the world.